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Scrum for Team System is a free Agile Software Development Methodology add-in for Visual Studio Team System.


Scrum for Team System v3 Goes Open Source

Fantastic news!

Today I have launched the SfTS v3 template as an open source project through the CodePlex site.

Please head over to the new site now to grab your copy of the code and get involved in the next big step of Scrum for Team System.


Crispin Parker,
CMP Software Limited.


TFS Workbench released as an open source solution!!

Today EMC Consulting have released the source code for the popular TFS Workbench applicaiton.

You can get involved and grab the source code form: http://tfsworkbench.codeplex.com/



Crispin Parker,
CMP Software Limited.


Outgoing email issues.

The Scrum for Team System web site has recently suffered from outgoing email issues.

This issue should now be resolved. Users that didn't receive account confirmation emails should now use the "resend confirmation email" option.

If you still experience missing emails, please contact me by twitter: #CrispinParker



Crispin Parker,
CMP Software Limited.


New release of the SfTS v3 Migration Tool

Today I have released a new version of the SfTS v3 Migration Tool (v1.0.0.5).

This version includes a fix to the missing Sprint Retrospective transformation rule.

  • Existing Users:
    Can get the new version from the link in their account  "My Downloads" section.

  • New Users:
    See the Migration Tool product pages to get your free copy.



Crispin Parker,
Scrum for Team System.


Workbench v2.2.0.2 and Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Bug - Fixed

A bug has been identifed with TFS Workbench (v2.2.0.2) and Visual Studio 2010 SP1. This error affects systems with VS 2010 SP1 installed only.


This bug has now been resolved in version

  • Existing Users:
    Download the updated TFS Workbench v2.2 installer from the "My Downloads" account page.

  • New Users:
    See the Workbench Products to get your free copy



When dragging work items between states in the task board mode, you may get a stack overflow exception.


I am currently working on a fix which should be released shortly. Watch this news feed for further announcements.

Work Around:

To avoid the stack overflow exception, use the work item edit panel to change the work item states.


Crispin Parker,
Senior Practice Consultant,
EMC Consulting.


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